Artist Statement

I am a Visual Artist living in Manchester UK.

I have developed a creative practice which is experimental and investigative – exploratory and methodical. A legacy of my past scientific practice.

My inspiration

Out in nature, I like to collect organic marks. I note the repeat patterns, shapes, and colours that move me. Consequently, large sketchbooks bulge with smudgy charcoal, ink and spattered images. I refer back to these collections when back in my studio multiple times.

With still life as a subject matter I repeatedly draw the same objects. As a result I gain a deeper understanding of the form, negative space. Working from multiple views points is one of my favourite activities for. The accumulation of this information is documented in my sketchbooks and frequently is reminiscent of hieroglyphic or calligraphic forms which become notations for still-life objects.

The challenge of capturing the human figure is, for me, a never ending fight with myself and my tools.  The dynamic moving figure is another opportunity to find inspirational forms and unusual bodily landscapes to inspire my work.

My Creative Process

My process is iterative repeating studies of the ‘subject’ using media; graphite, ink, paint, pastel. Techniques of enlarging and reducing are employed. I find moving between physical and digital media helps open up possibilities. Digitally I can quickly investigate new recompositions.

Through this process I interrogate my subject. I identify and test a variety of colour pallets. Multiple layers, created digitally from my drawings are overlaid to test  possibilities.

Through this process, I am searching for an image which is not immediately obvious. That is to say, an image that is more than the individual drawings. A synergistic outcome; greater than the sum of its parts.