Ben Nicholson Chasing out something alive

After reading and making notes on the book, above, written by Peter Khoroche, (see pdf of Notes) on Ben Nicholson’s work from 1950-1975 forming the exhibition called ‘chasing out something alive’ , I wanted to feel through his drawing process in some way myself.

Here I am Investigating the form of a small glass to find a motif or symbol that describes it successfully, not necessarily photographically. I used a black nibbled fibre punted pen for these. It has an inflexible nib so the line width does not vary.

I wanted to find a simple form which conveyed the information in a concise yet pleasing way.

I found myself adding details rather than keeping then as simplified as Bens work, do as to differentiate different glasses. Bens simplest forms portray the basic element of all types of each form eg a cup is a rectangle and a C shape.

The other artist that I’ve looked at that had simplified former of basic kitchen utensils is the English artist William Scott. His simplified abstracted stark dark forms of pans and straining ladle bottles etc have a poetic and elemental feel to them.

Further investigations of the drawing process using well sharpened pencil proving more line variation and also s brush nib pen which has even more flexibility.


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