Experiments with Tyvek (2)

I have spent many hours experimenting with Tyvek, and here is a very small section of the outcome.

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek is s polyethylene sheeting available in various gms weights between 40gsm and 105gms mainly for paper. The material version seems to just be thicker again and usually more textured too. It can be expensive to buy from a craft supplier.  Parcel and packaging companies use this material for their products.  So I discovered that old packaging is a free source of this material.

What is especially significant about this material’s  properties for me is the way it reacts to heat. Initially, I cut the tyvek into strips and rings.

Tyvek ribbons of cells

Then, by closely floating a hot iron over the top of the tyvek pieces, whilst it is sandwiched between  2 sheets of baking paper, I found it resulted in its transformation. As it warmed and melted it creates bubble and ‘cell’ like surface. Further heat can distress it, resulting in holes developing.
Examples below

Printmaking and Tyvek

These beautiful structures lent themselves to the possibility of printing as collagraphs or monotypes.

Print of tyvek cellular structure
Print of tyvek cellular structure
Blind print of tyvek cellular structure
Blind print of tyvek cellular structure

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