Graduation – a proud moment.

I’m feeling extremely proud of myself. I have completed the 3 year Complete Printmaker Course run by Sean Rorke and the Hot Bed Press staff. It’s been both hard work, and emensely enjoyable. Significantly, I now have a new family of printmakers, many of whom have become firm friends and form a invaluable support group for me. Most noteworthy is the excellent technical support provided. The technicians continually expand their knowledge and skills.

Consequently, I feel that I can continue my printmaking experiments, increase my skills and develop my creative practice.  Hot Bed Press open access studio will continue to play a significant role in my growth as an artist.  Hence I can highly recommend all the courses, of which there are many, organised and run by Hot Bed Press.

A word or 2 from Sean

Kaye consistently invents new ways of creating organic and expressive marks through printmaking. Her work can be read as abstract compositions or an individual interpretation of cell structures and microbiology. They draw you into a whole other world, full of colour, form and life itself.
Sean Rorke – Artistic Director – Hot Bed Press, Salford

Certificate of Completion
3 Years of ‘The Complete Printmaker Course’ run by Hot Bed Press – Cow Lane Salford.

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