Hepworth Print Fair 2018

So the snow abated and the show went ahead, a little later than planned but better late than never.

First Impressions

I visited on Friday, and first impressions were it seemed like there were fewer stalls than usual, perhaps the change in date.

There also seemed more craft and more poster style art than in the 2 previous years I have visited.

Highlights –

Kathryn Desforges

Yep stunning isn’t it!

Check out her FB Page :


Work by Australian Artist Printmaker Danielle Creenaune.


Her work is available at the lovely Staithes Studio which was also there with some beautiful work by gifted Printmakers.

So Staithes studio gets a shout out too.

Danielle is also giving an artist talk and workshop at WYPW early April. Below is a link to WYPW blog page about her – do read.

Danielle Creenaune

WYPW stand was next to Kathryn and doing very good trade. I’m looking forward to joining in some workshops there soon.

REVEAL Printmakers we’re looking great too. Fantastic variety and ever increasing quality, at exceptionally good prices too. A very talented group of artists who’s exhibitions I always enjoy visiting. Well done ladies!

Finally, Isobel Walker, who’s work I’d managed to miss up till now despite her presence at printfest. I fell in love with her work, beautiful circles and mark making combined with blind printing and both collagraph, monotype and etching. Ethereal images.

There were many more fabulous stalls but these were my top 5. If you also went leave a shout out for your fave in the comments.

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