Fill Your Senses

Mark-Making and Experimentation – not just printmaking.

Out in the Derbyshire countryside I spend days collecting marks, colour notes  and patterns in my sketchbooks. Initially, intuitive movement and experimentation is used to generate new notation. This mark-making process is then further clarified  by repetition and exploration. Finally, become a part of my visual vocabulary subsequently available for use back in the studio.

Predominantly abstract images evolve on the canvas.  They are a response to both the complexity and simplicity of nature at a microscopic and macro level.

I aim to orchestrate an image which conveys not only the visual stimuli, but also the cacophony of sounds, tastes and emotions I experience.

An individual piece of work mutates through a variety of stages, manipulated and transformed with each new layer of work until they reach their own resting point.

Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas
Monotypes & Mixed Media on paper

These are small experimental works beginning with intaglio monotypes on paper and completed with further media.  Images are between 20 and 25 cm square. Mounted and framed to be between 30 and 40 cm sq in ash wood frames under glass.