2017 Printed Monotype Abstracts

The Beautiful Death of a Cell

This work was inspired by an essential life saving biological process called apoptosis. This is a process where your own cells effectively hit a kill switch to self destruct. They do this in response to the fact that they have an dangerous glitch in their fundamental biology, for example hold a cancer mutation.

The self destruction  therefore is a self sacrificing response to defend the greater whole e.g. you.

Creative Destruction – approx 40x50cm mounted and backed. £200
A Sublime Demise. 60 x 50 cm mounted & framed in black wood, under glass. SOLD


Resplendent with possibilities. Intaglio inks on Somerset Velvet 250gsm 64 x 52 cm mounted. F Framed in black stained wood £300
Intaglio inks on Somerset Velvet 250gsm SOLD
Blue Departure 2/4 Intaglio inks on Somerset 250gsm 25×30 cm £70

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