Printfest Ulverston 2017

I had a fabulous day visiting the printouts exhibition in Ulverston this Saturday accompanied by fellow printmaker Clare Phelan.

The range and quality of work was vey impressive and the venue and set up well designed to make it a very enjoyable experience. Links to printmakers websites are included so please do check them out.

Highlights for me were the work of Fouzia Zafar – Printmakers Printmaker a fascinating approach to printmaking, and generates work which is emotional and evocative. a couple of her prints can be seen here : website

It was great to meet Jason Hicklin, Printmaker of the Year, who was actually  one of Fouzia Zafar’s tutors. We are very excited to be having him as our guest tutor in a few weeks time down at Hot Bed Press.

Joanna Bourne – Newcastle based printmaker who’s work we(Clare Phelan, Suzy Robson and I), admired at the Reghed print exhibition. Such lovely understated muted colours give her work a real dreamy soft atmosphere  Clare couldn’t resist a wee purchase from this printmaker.

Annwyn Dean – Embroider, Book Artist & printmaker . Loved this work, and couldn’t help but think of Barbara Johns, fellow printmaker at Hot Bed. I will pass this link on to her. look at these gems :

Alex Mcintosh – Printmaker / Photographer pushing photoetching to new heights and creating new worlds to fall into!

Now this a different approach  – In dialog is two artists : Carol Pairaudeau and Paula Gamble-Schwarz They explain that they are “ involved in an ongoing drawing conversation. Starting with an agreed theme, the artists independently begin to develop their response to the theme, working in a range of media. However, before the work reaches a conclusion the two artists exchange work, without discussion, leaving each piece they exchange to speak for itself. Each artist then works directly on the piece that 

hey have received. This exchange process continues until one of the artists feels that a piece of work is complete – at which point the work is framed and presented, rather than exchanged.”

Anja Percival creates moody, photorealist etchings with her own approach to etching see :  A Plate Etch in Progress

Chris Salmon  Such beautiful etched images, not cheesy or cute despite often depicting cats dogs goats & children. I fell in love with the image of his big cat George, a girl cat of course. Such a fab expression. Pole cats was another favourite, but its an old & popular etching and I think he’s only one left and I have seen before at a close friends house. Very tempted  to break into the savings for one of these!

Loads of other fabulous artists – check out the line up: