PROOF Printmakers

A group of printmakers formed from a cohort of the Complete Printmakers 3 year course run by  Hot Bed Press exhibiting in London’s Robert Burt Gallery

Kaye Wilson – thats me and …

Clare Phelan – Website:

Nineteenth and twentieth century coding technology, such as musical box discs and IBM punch cards are the ancestors to our post industrial world. I work directly with these artefacts, overlaying digital print processes – exposing a narrative of man and machine.

Susy Robson – 

My work is a personal response to form, texture, broken edges and light. I erase, redraw, collage and combine different techniques, the history of the piece is an important part of the finished image.

Charlotte Allen – Email: 

My inspiration comes from industrial structures, particularly bridges. I have developed two series of prints: multi-block linocuts expressing structure, pattern and colour, and etchings which explore materials and surfaces, form and texture,  shadow and light. To me, my work represents coming home to NW England after 30yrs in Africa.