Zillah Bell – Girls Trip Out – July 2018

I love a day trip with my arty girlfriends and a day out to Thirsk with a visit to the lovely Zillah Bell Gallery is just the sort of pleasure that peps up my soul, and replenishes up my artistic inspiration buckets, that keep me going.

On this date, there was a special exhibition of work by Kate Desforges and Sophie Layton.

Kate, or to use her full name, Kathryn, has worked hard to develop exceptional technical skills at lithography using birch as a plate which lends its own natural grain to her work. She has extended her skills and practice during a residency in Japan.

I particularly enjoyed seeing her working sketch books also on display, always so interesting to get an insight into the way an artist works.

She also works and teaches at WYPW so any opportunity for a workshop with her should be grasped greedily, she is a generous knowledge sharer. Her technical skills in a variety of printmaking techniques are strong, not just lithography.

Kathryn Desforges Artist Printmaker Website

Relic by Kathryn Desforges,
To the right, works by Kathryn Desforges, on the right, a piece by Sophie Layton
Kathryn Desforges Peak series on right , Sophie Layton on the left.

Wok by Kathryn Desforges

Works by Sophie Layton

Sophie Layton was new to me. Her work brings together, saturated colours and dynamic architectural shapes, in compositions which are both abstract and not abstract all at the same time. She creates striking images that stay long in your memory after you have looked away, imprinting themselves on your retina!

Sophie Layton’s website and blog from her adventures in Japan

In addition I discovered Lesley Birch, beautiful work, combinations of quick flashes of this and that colour, splashes, drips and rubs… producing expertly composed glimpse of skies, seas, windy landscapes, that transport you to their little worlds.

The new studies available were from her studies made in Scotland, and there isles.

Mill of Oa, Islay taken by Lesley Birch Feb 2018

Visit her website by following this link Lesley birch artist website

I treated myself to one of these little exquisite wonders…

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